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Fort Jackson Graduation:  Fort Jackson is the largest and most active Initial Entry Training Center in the United States. Each year, over 50,000 soldiers spend time at this United States Army Training Center to complete their Basic Combat Training. This makes up 50 percent of all new Soldiers entering the Army each year. 

Upon the completion of their training, these soldiers are disciplined, motivated and physically fit to do their job. In addition to their training responsibilities, Fort Jackson is also home to the US Army Soldier Support Institute, the US Army Chaplains Center and School, and the Defense Academy for Credibility Assessment. 

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Basic Combat Training & Graduation Ceremonies

Do you have a loved one attending Basic Training at Fort Jackson? We know that you are very proud of your Soldier and the Columbia Community is excited to be a part of this exciting experience! 

Fort Jackson has done an excellent job providing tips and advice for Basic Training Families. Check out these tips and find additional information by clicking on the links below! Don't forget to take a look at Fort Jackson hotel specials. 

Plan ahead for Graduation! Check out Graduation dates and activities, Family day is scheduled on Wednesdays with Graduation on Thursdays. Some graduations vary.

Driving to Fort Jackson to attend Graduation? Ft Jackson is accessible from three major highways (I-20, I-26, & I-77). In addition, I-95 and I-85 are very close by! Fort Jackson is located at Exit 15 on I-77 South and at Exit 15A on I-77 North.  

Flying in to visit Fort Jackson? Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE) is the closest airport to Fort Jackson (approximately 20 miles from the Army Base). Visitors can also fly in to Charlotte International Airport and drive South to Columbia. (Approximately 90 miles from Fort Jackson).

Entering Fort Jackson Army Base: Make sure to have proper identification (driver’s license or government  issued ID) for every adult passenger in the vehicle. In addition guests will need to provide their registration and proof of insurance. 

Send your Soldier mail! The love and support provided by family and friends give the Soldiers the encouragement they need to complete their Basic Combat Training! 

Feel like you are learning a new language? Throughout the Fort Jackson website and in the letters you receive from your Soldier, you will find that the Army has an abbreviation for everything! Click here for a list of common terms and acronyms provided by Fort Jackson to keep you in the loop.

Learn about this new Army Life along with your Soldier! The Soldiers are introduced to the new Army Lifestyle during Basic Training! Take advantage of the New Spouse Orientation videos and documents that Fort Jackson has provided so that you can learn right along with them!