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Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Power Plant
 VC Summer Nuclear Station, is located just a short drive from Columbia, South Carolina in Jenkinsville. It is named after the late Virgil Summer, who was the former Chairman and CEO at SCANA. The nuclear power plant is operated by SCE&G and jointly owned by Santee Cooper. SCE&G continues to employ people from across the country to work at VC Summer as they strive to meet energy needs in South Carolina with nuclear power. Whether you are in town for a plant shutdown or long term project, we welcome you to the Greater Columbia area. Take advantage of extended stay hotel rates and discount offers brought to you by Columbia SC Events and our local partners. Pike Electric is also welcome to use this discount!
​VC SUMMER AND SCE&G is dedicated to meeting the future energy needs of South Carolina with nuclear power. SCE&G stands firm in its belief that nuclear power is a clean, economical, reliable, solution to South Carolina’s ever growing need for energy. The VC Summer Nuclear Power Station is located about 30 miles north of Columbia in Jenkinsville, SC and it supplies power to SCE&G customers. With plans to build two additional nuclear units, the plant’s operating license has been extended through the year 2042 by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. 

People often inquire about the general safety of a nuclear power plant. V.C. Summer Station places an extremely high importance on employee safety and the safety of those in the surrounding area. Considering all possible safety threats, including natural disasters and radioactive by-products, SCE&G has taken preventative measures to maintain safety standards set from within the company and by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. You can visit their site for more details on VC Summer Safety Standards.

As the VC Summer Nuclear Power Plant continues to grow and meet South Carolina energy needs, vendors and suppliers will continue to arrive in the Greater Columbia area to work at the power plant. We invite vendors, suppliers, and visitors to take advantage of special VC Summer hotel deals and local discounts available on Columbia SC Events. Long term, extended stay, and weekly VC Summer rates are provided by local hotel partners and there are discount event and attraction offers provided by local companies. Browse through our website for information on upcoming events, local attractions and VC Summer hotel deals.

V.C. Summer facts and information were obtained via the SCE&G website. Visit their website for additional details on the V.C. Summer Nuclear Power Plant and take an in depth look at current operations, future plans, safety and more. 
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